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    How to upgrade from 3.93 to 5.50 Gen-D?

    Hi! A friend of mine recently gave his PSP (with a system software of Version 3.93) to me because he no longer uses it so I would like to upgrade it to 5.50 Gen-D. Question do I that? I'm a total newbie at this so a proper guide or links to videos would really help.
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    How to upgrade from 3.93 to 5.50 Gen-D without using Pandora?

    Anyone can help me hack a PSP 3.93 to 5.50 Gen-D without the use of a Pandora? The PSP Model is PSP-2004 with a Date Code of 7C Can this be done?
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    PSP 1003 with 5.50 Gen-D , need help !?

    hi guys , so i have a 1003 fat psp that didnt use for so long , i just realized that GOW and Patapon 3 is out so i wanted to upgrade my system so i succesfully got it up to 5.50 Gen-D and tried iso tool 1.971 but still no succes , what am i supposed to do to be able to play Gow Ghost of Sparta...
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    How to downgrade from 6.39 ME-7 to 5.50 GEN-D

    Hey guys, I have a Fat PSP-100 (01g) with a TA-086 motherboard. I just recently upgraded to 6.39 ME-7. I am unhappy with it at the moment because it doesn't seem to work with CWcheat and other plugins. 1.) How do I downgrade back to 5.50 GEN-D without a pandora battery. 2.) Any news on a...
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