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    NBA 2k11 on a PSP 3000 gen-C

    I have a PSP 3000 gen-C and I'm trying to play NBA 2k11, but it's not working. Can anyone help me? Thanks..
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    Gen-C vs CFW 6.20 I'm a noob

    I just picked my psp back up after a long time. I have a psp 3001. Currently I am running firmware 5.03 and use the ChickHen R2 hack to then install Gen-C and play ISOs.... I was looking to come back to my psp and check out some of the newest games. I saw that there is this new CFW 6.20 pro-b5...
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    How do I use cwcheat with 5.03 GEN-C?

    Couldn't find anything about using cwcheat with 5.03 GEN-C.. so does anyone know how to use it? Thanks
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