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    5.50 Gen-B PSN Question

    Ok so i tried to DL a game, no go, fine no big deal. But my question is, because PSN requires an update for access, what if i buy and download a game to the PS3 and then transfer it to my psp that way?
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    error 80020148 5.50 GEN-B

    Hi ! I really hope someone of you can help me. Well, there is a lot of topics about error 80020148, BUT I have done everything said in these kind of forums, but some games still is not working. I have PSP Slim 2004 (European), 5.50 GEN-B (full) custom firmware and motherboard model TA-088 v1...
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    Updating from 5.50 GEN-B

    Hi all, Been almost since i last used my PSP. My firmware is still 5.50 GEN-B(FULL) Whats the fastest way to update to the lastest firmware ? THANKS ALOT !
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