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    [Sega Genesis] GemFire (U) Codes

    Credits for these codes goes to silentkiller & helder of, also credits to pyropetey9 for the original code creator of gemfire codes on (64 officers' Political,War,Charisma,Fame) Ander Codes Political Stat FF10B7:?? War Stat FF10B8:?? Charisma Stat FF10B9:?? Fame Stat...
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    Gemfire Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Get 200 men a year When prices on food are high, sell all but 40. Then when the time comes when the food is at 1 gold for 2 food, spend all of your money on it. During the time of when it's low and high, try recruiting people. When prices are average and you have money, develop your things...
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