Gekido (released as Gekido: Urban Fighters in NA and PAL regions) is a beat 'em up video game for the PlayStation console, created by Italian studio NAPS Team. The game uses a fast-paced beat 'em up system and a 3D side scrolling gameplay, with many bosses and a colorful design in terms of graphics. The game features the music of Fatboy Slim and Apartment 26. Marvel comic book artist Joe Madureira also contributed. Versions of Gekido were also planned for the Game Boy Color and N-Gage but were never released. NAPS team released the prototype of the Game Boy Color game on February 13, 2017.
It was later followed by a GBA sequel called Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge, which was re-released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in 2018. A second sequel, entitled Gekido: The Dark Angel, was cancelled.

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