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    Deunan the creator of Makaron emulator is working with some kind of GD-ROM replacement. This is a lot more faster, it has 100% compatibility with games and homebrew, even with CDDA. The GD dumps and other files are stored in SD card. Here you can find more information - architecture syn of...
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    Any one know where I can order GDEMU or something like it?
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    GDEMU preorders are open!

    Here it is: GDEMU – Revive your Dreamcast Read that blog and you will find all answer at your possible questions. Also there is a video showing hot it works and it do works! Version showing GDEMU v4 (v5 will be for sale) :
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    Perfect Fit gdemu & fan

    Just got my GDemu after waiting months watching for the preorders to be open for less than 24 hours and wait a couple more months to get it. Totally worth it! XD Also found this little fan and heatsink on an old cheap low end nvidia graphics card that fit Perfectly alongside the gdemu. I've...
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