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    Half-Life and Quake 2 GD-ROMs

    This guy on ebay is selling what seems to be Quake 2 and Half-life GD-Roms. Now I imagine this will go for around 50 so would somebody please snatch these up and rip em? I wanna see what the diff is with what we have (Remember: There was never released a Quake 2 Gdrom.) Carefull as when I asked...
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    Take the Bullet Beta GD-ROMs Found! + More!

    Exciting news! Tom from the Dreamcast Junkyard just posted this image on Twitter showing beta GD-ROMs of the unreleased Take the Bullet. Apparently they were given to him by an ex-Sega employee. He says a review of the game will be posted on the Junkyard soon. Hopefully the game will be ripped...
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