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    Gauntlet 4

    1 BBKT-AA8T Invincible! 2 RFKT-A6VA Don't lose health from time passing 3 NPBA-FA9C + NPBA-EAG8 Select up to 99 credits per player 4 1BYA-E0GE Maximum health per coin in 3,000 5 VBYA-FGGE Maximum health per coin in 5,000 6 CBYA-ERRE...
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    Gauntlet 2

    Disappearing walls Stop moving for several minutes. The doors and walls will disappear from the current location.
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    Continue game play Press any button on controller two after losing all lives when playing as player one. Game play will continue with player two.
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    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Defeating Garm Garm is similar to Skorne, with only one attack (fireballs), but has the ability to unleash several at a time. Use the same strategy as with Skorne, but it may take more time as you have to dodge more projectiles. Do not try to finish this battle quickly or you will get...
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    Gauntlet Legends Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Death as a level upgrade Death is easy to kill. Typically when you find it, you can use the "Magic Potion" and you gain marginal experience points. When you find the "Halo", do not use your magic. It will void out the "Halo power". Just walk next to Death and let the "Halo" do its task. It...
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    Gauntlet IV Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Passwords These passwords have a path to the dragons cleared. Level Password Fire UPYY+GYTC5 Earth XY-89U4=2C Water AAX4Y-TWA= Wind F9C5PG+-8U Castle 4DLGT3yWL5 This password has a player that is ready to beat the final dragon. Player Password...
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    Gauntlet Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Gauntlet Gauntlet Instruction Booklet Manufactured by TENGEN --- Thank you for selecting Tengen's Gauntlet for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Object of the Game/Game Description You can play alone or team up with a friend in this medieval adventure. Choose from any of four powerful...
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    Gauntlet 2 Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Gauntlet 2 NES-2U-USA Gauntlet 2(tm) Game Manual Mindscape Inc. --- The Game Step back into the mazes of the Dark Dungeons with Thor, Thyra, Questor and Merlin. With over 100 new mazes to explore, experience all the action, graphics, and sound of the arcade. Use your powers to fend...
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    Gauntlet 2 game genie codes (for NES)

    OTXSSYSV Don't take damage from monsters ZLVVVIGT Weaker poison EGVVVIGV Stronger poison IAUTEUZA 5 super shots picked up GPUTEUZA 20 super shots picked up AYETVUGU Invincibility lasts longer LPETVUGU Invincibility doesn't last as long ANNTUXGU...
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    Gauntlet Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Useless Passwords If your treasure score goes over 3,200, all passwords taken from that point forth will not work.
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    Gauntlet Legends

    Gauntlet Legends EE000000 0000 Enable Code (Must Be On) (GS 3.20 Or Higher Needed!) DD000000 0000 CC000000 0000 If you have a GS 3.0 you can't use this code, instead every time you start the game turn the Code Generator ON and all should be fine. 800FD198 0200 Always Shoot 5-Way P1...
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