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  1. C

    Gamecube Talk

    Not the console you guys are use to seeing but lately it's been brought up by Bob Dobbs' Here's my Gamecube's I'm looking to buy a broadband adapter for it, and get on to PSO finally! :lol: If anybody has any knowledge of getting online with the Cube post here or PM me. Thanks Barrys_Bapz
  2. C

    Skies of Arcadia, Dreamcast or Gamecube?

    I know, it's a Dreamcast forum but I must ask! :D Which version should I get? The gamecube version seems to have more content, and I assume would be better looking, but I'm sure the Dreamcast version has some advantages as well (but not sure if it's worth missing out on the extra content...
  3. F

    (Proof of Concept) Gamecube games in vWii on Wii U

    We know now The WiiU in vWii can Run GameCube Games From a Sdcard!!! Big Thanks to crediar for giving US the Video here at WiiUHax.com Source
  4. F

    GameCube Hardware

    Alternate DVD Music Instead of using both audio cords (red & white ones), use one of the DVD's Audio cords and one of the GameCube's Audio cords. This way, you can hear the game's music & the DVD's music. But remember, turn the game's music off in the options (if you can), and make sure you...
  5. F

    Harvest Moon: Magic Melody Cheat Codes for Gamecube

    Aging Pot Become friends with Saibara (2 or 3 hearts) and he will ask you to go talk to the mayor. The mayor then teaches you how to make Potato Gratin. After that, go back to Saibara's house and he will give you the Aging Pot, which is used to make sodas. Chickens Purchase an egg from...
  6. F

    What Gamecube Games do you have?

    What gamecube games do you guys own? I own 007 Everything or nothing 007 Nightfire 007 Under Fire 007 From Russia with Love Animal Crossing Burnout 2: Point of Impact Kirby Air ride Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures (hate it though...Id still have Wind waker but had malfunctioned disc))...
  7. F

    Bad things about Gamecube?

    Not enough online games. Not enough RPG's. Not nearly as much 3rd party support as the xbox or ps2. The length of the controller could have easily been longer.
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