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    Pokemon On Dreamcast (With Save Function!)

    I found a .cdi image of a really cool game. It's got just about all of the Pokemon games, and some really cool hacks too. AND: YOU CAN SAVE!!!!! Smith probably already knows about this, because I've seen him over at Snesorama quite a few times... ;)...
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    PSX loader and Capture Function for Signed Hen?

    I've looked around but haven't seen anything in regards to whether or not there's a PSX Loader that works with Sign HEN(6.31) as well as if there is a recording/capture type plugin compatible with it. And if there is would anyone be willing to explain how I'd get it set up (new to this all)?
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    action buttons will not function

    is it possible that cfw pro-b6 can affect or disable buttons? my square, x, o, triangle will not function but the rest of the button is ok, i tried opening the faceplate, cleaning it will compress air, wiping it but it still will not function, the rubber in the buttons are ok
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    bookmark function on any psp video player?

    i'm looking for a solution to let my psp video player remember the location that i played lasted time. is there a way to get a function like bookmark? it's so hard to remember the location of a video clearly by my own. or is there a homebrew video player with bookmark function out ther?
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    r4isdhc rts game compatibility and function comparison test

    R4 flash card was born at the end of 2006, because of its convenient use and low price, it beat many big old brand of flash card such as SC,M3, becoming the most popular flash card for NDS gamers. Like its name, “Revolution For DS”, the emergence of R4 marked a historical revolution. However...
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