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    Skyrim's Ebony Warrior EXPOSED 10 Years Later

    The Ebony Warrior has widely been revered as one of Skyrim's most mysterious characters. Throughout The Elder Scrolls franchise, few figures have left the community more perplexed than this ebony-armor clad boss. Today, making use of more recent revelations from Skyrim's Creation Club and The...
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    Criterion in control of entire Need for Speed franchise

    Burnout developer takes the reins on all future NFS games. Various developers have got their hands dirty with the Need For Speed franchise in recent years with mixed results, but from now on the franchise will be in the talented hands of Burnout developer Criterion. Click here to read the full...
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    Crystal Dynamics staffing up for 'AAA franchise'

    Following two rounds of headcount cuts, Tomb Raider: Underworld dev posts job req for Senior Art Director to work on "one of the most prestigious" series. As of Eidos' last public accounting in February, the Crystal Dynamics-developed Tomb Raider: Underworld had sold 1.5 million units...
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