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    Bleak Faith Forsaken - Teaser Trailer

    Bleak Faith Forsaken - Teaser Trailer View:
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    Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom BLUS30472

    This game is old and sucks, do yourself a favor and don't waste a penny on it. I left the codes in NetCheat format. Invincible 0 001E1D04 4E800020 SET OGP=E84100284BFFFEE8F821FF51 SET COP=E84100284BFFFEE84E800020 Health Never Decreases 0 001C6B80 60000000 SET OGP=D17E1708 SET COP=60000000...
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    Forsaken 64

    Access Hidden LevelsForsaken has levels set up in a branching manner. If you beat level 1 in two minutes and 30 seconds or less, you'll go to the medium difficulty levels branch. Finish Level 1 in one minute and 40 seconds or less and you will go to the hard difficulty levels branch. There are...
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    Forsaken 64

    8014B783 00?? Enemies Remaining Modifier 8114E5F8 ???? Kills Modifier 8014E764 0099 P2 Infinite Pulsar (Tube) 8014E8E0 0099 P3 Infinite Pulsar (Tube) 8014EA5C 0099 P4 Infinite Pulsar (Tube) 8014EA54 0016 P4 Infinite Shields (Tube) 8008773C 8000 Black Screen But Music...
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    FORSAKEN Manual Sandy TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction/Story 3 Default Controls 4 Options 6 Game types 7 Single Player 7 Death Match 9 Weapons...
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