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    Edge Magazine's Top Fifty Forgotten Games.

    For those of you who don't know, Edge Magazine is a highly respected, some wouls say highbrow publication based in the UK. Sort of a British Famitsu. They have just released a list of forgotten games which includes some, that I'll list, that maybe are of interest to people here. "So here are...
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    Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock A Winner is You! Complete the standard game. A Winner+ is You! Complete the game in new game+. Advanced Librarophysics Level your Librarian up to LVL 40. All Access Visit the accessibility menu (options->accessibility). Big...
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    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands [ULUS-10480] CWCheats

    _C0 Inf Elixirs _L 0x20A63D74 0x00000012 _C0 Inf Health Level1 _L 0x2107021C 0x42C80000 _C0 Inf Lives Level1 _L 0x2106F534 0x00000004 ;Credit jjoao
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    Forgotten Worlds

    1 CTWA-CAFC Player 1 starts at half strength 2 CTWT-CAAR Player 2 starts at half strength 3 AAWA-CAFT Player 1 starts with 0 Zenny instead of 2,500 4 AAWA-DL7T Player 1 starts with 7,500 Zenny 5 ANWA-CAFR Player 1 starts with 32,500...
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    Forgotten Worlds

    Continue game play Select two player mode and begin game play. Rapidly tap Start when either player dies to obtain continues.
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    Forgotten Worlds Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Infinite Continues When playing the two-player game, you can always continue as long as one player is still alive. By pressing START on the second controller before the game ends, a single player can live forever!
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