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    New 3DS firmware adds folders to Home screen

    Nintendo helps to clean up your clutter. 3DS is over a year old now and owners' Home screens are starting to get a little cluttered. Nintendo knows this and it's doing something about it. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Formated MemCard No Folders

    Hey Guy's Some how my Memory card got formatted luckily I have a back up of my cards folders on my pc, but my question being is, isn't the card suppose to automatically make the folders on memory stick?
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    psp 3000 6.35 pro b9 beta , how to make game categories folders?

    plz help me guys , i have tried everything b4 posting here, when evr i click on ms in game menu in vsh , it gives me my games and homebrew , if i press square , it gives me 5 folders named neogoe playstation one and psp etc , they are present by default as u must know , if i press triangle , it...
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    Where do I access my PSP folders?

    I have my USB connected to my psp, but I don't see any folders when I click on "Removable drive (H)". I only see two files named Mstick.ind and Mstk_Pro.ind. Is there something wrong with my PSP?
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