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    trouble flashing ofw 1.5 onto phat with hellcat's recovery flasher

    for nostalgia's sake, i wanted to flash 1.5 onto my 5.00 m33 psp phat and then update to 1.52 to feel what it was like when it was brand new. i select the 'install fresh 1.5 ofw' option in hellcat's recovery flasher. i have the 150 update eboot in root and the hellcat's starts dumping the...
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    Recovery Flasher 1.65 always shows as corrupted data

    i'm intend to flash my firmware by Recovery Flasher, but in spite of where i get it, it always shows as "corrupted data" in my xmb, what can i do now??? i'm in 6.35 ofw,and mine is psp 2000. i got it here: http://filetrip.net/f25191-Hellcat%27s-Recovery-Flasher-1-65.html and...
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    Question about 6.39 PRO CIPL Flasher

    Ok, so just today, right now actually, i updated to 6.39 PRO-B9. Now, after running the CPIL Flasher, my PSP will only boot without the memory stick inserted. Any idea why? Oh, and is there any way to uninstall the CIPL Flasher, thing?
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