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    difference in pro firmwares

    okay im confused as to the difference of 620 and 635 pro b4. are they both the same???? am i missing features??? im looking at 620 due 2 permanentness, but i dnt mind hens.
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    Question about the new 6.x Custom Firmwares

    I haven't touched my PSP in a while now since the fall that got its processor loose, but recently i took it out to play with it a bit, and i read theres now 6.x CFW that uses Official 6.x firmwares, or something like that. I'm still using 5.50 GEN-B, and i was wondering if i should upgrade...
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    Hello, I've been reading this guide and it says that you need a Custom Firmware. Where could I get one compatible with my PSP (1004) ?
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