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    Nintendo finally allows user game reviews

    While Nintendo has often led the gaming world in innovations and experiments, it has just as often been in a last-place position. This has been a particular issue with its online services, from network connectivity to online shops. As a result, the company's stealth update on Friday came as a...
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    I've finally gotten a DC again after all these years

    I finally got a dreamcast again after all these years. and I love it and can't put it down. Welcome home Dreamcast, your never leaving my site :P
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    Classic Game Room FINALLY Reviews DUX!

    Hey guys, Saw this on the Classic Game Room YouTube channel a day ago. Hope you like it. -Cool Classic Game Room - DUX for Dreamcast review - YouTube
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    Finally, I'm playing Sonic Adventure 2.

    Guys, the emu I downloaded first time didn't work, it was the 1.0.3 one, but I've replaced it by this one, 1.0.6 beta, and it works perfectly. I've been playing SoulCalibur and Sonic Adventure 2 this eve. So, this is the link I downloaded from: Nulldc 1.0.6 beta by Shadow 4300 This one...
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    Finally ordered Omikron!

    After a lot of thought I finally sucked it up and ordered Omikron: Nomad Soul off Amazon. This is weird for me since I have never bought a DC game online with the exception being my Sturmwind pre-order. I've always found that kind of cool :) and I have found 60 amazing games just from...
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    So, I finally got a dreamcast, I'm new here, and need help

    eBay has made a dream come true. I FINALLY have a Dreamcast. I've also got Shenmue in from eBay as well, disc 3 seems to not be loading though. I was wondering if it's possible to download ROMs of dreamcast games and somehow play them on the console. :oops:
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    I found it...i finally found it!

    While Christmas shopping, I came across the holy grail..... Shenmue II PAL. My heart skipped a beat upon seeing it. Of course I don't have the cash at the moment to get it, but I spoke with the store, and they are letting me do a layaway until I can pay it off!!!! So In total a CIB copy of...
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    Wii U has finally overtaken Xbox 360 in Japan

    The latest Japanese chart shows that Nintendo's struggling Wii U has now - finally - sold more than Xbox 360 in the region. Nintendo's console is currently selling around eight to nine thousand units a week, while Microsoft's console sells a far smaller amount, usually a couple of hundred.Wii U...
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    Capcom finally promises to fix Resi 3DS box typo

    "Subsequent shipments" to feature correct game name. Capcom's promised to correct a typo on the spine of Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS boxes, incorrectly spelling the game name as 'Revelaitons'. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Is nintendo finally ready for online multiplayer?

    With the past two Nintendo consoles (Wii & Gamecube) only a handheld of games had any online features at all. This time with the Wii U, will Nintendo finally be ready to deliver online multiplayer? I for one hope so, this would be a gigantic step up for Nintendo, this would encourage more...
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