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    Funko Fusion – Reveal Trailer

    Funko Fusion – Reveal Trailer
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    PAL Dreamcast sales figures

    Hi guys, I am looking for game sale's figures for the different regions, I already have the US ones > Japanese which I am currently translating but does anyone know where I might find the figures for Europe? I understand Europe...
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    Dreamcast game sales figures

    Been trawling the web recently to find some info on Dreamcast game sales, I found this Gaming Age Forums - Sega Dreamcast sales (Console and Software) fairly comprehensive list of US sales but finding something on Europe, or Japan(even in Japanese) has been fruitless. Anyone have any info on...
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    Awesome MGS3 and Silent Hill figures will take your money

    I really can't afford to to buy these new Metal Gear Solid 3 and Silent Hill 2 figures. But they look so awesome. But they're so detailed. That's a lot of money though. But... Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories...
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