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    Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

    Various Passwords Items Password Effect G1MM3@D0LL Golden Doll L4O0Z3J4 Takoyaki Tray M3G@3XPPLZ Mega Exporb O0V3U7U5 Red Hibiscus O3S8U2T0 Dune Sand O4O2L9L8 Terracotta Figure O5T6S6B6 Goldfish Lantern O9L9O5N0 Gold Emblem T2V8Z6O5 Vintage Parasol T4I7Z4O8 Carved Bear...
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    dreamcast link cable, help me figure this out!

    My search will never end for an official cable, but atleast I can get to work on a home made one for a cabinet...maybe. A poster named Quad posted this link and text in another forum a year ago; Dreamcast Programming - PC Serial Adaptor I'm having a hard time seeing what parts of the...
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