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    Feel the Magic: XY/XX (Nintendo DS)

    Birthday Greeting The girl will greet you by saying "Happy Birthday" at the main menu on the date that you entered as your birthday in the system settings.
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    Feel The Magic: XY/XX 2 (Nintendo DS)

    Bonus Successfully complete story mode to unlock the "Sound Test" and "Another Story" options. In Another Story mode you will play as a robot trying to get the rival girl.
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    I feel like a chump.

    So I recently bought a Dreamcast off ebay, however I wasn't expecting an A/V cable connection and now I can't work out what channel to put the TV on to play games. Honestly I can't even tell if it's working.
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    Feel the Magic XX/XY

    Game ID: APRE-fafb44d1 ------ Source: Codejunkies Start on Level 10 2206c49c 0000000a All Memories Unlocked 0206c6a0 ffffffff Memories 1: All Complete 2206c6a8 0000000a 2206c6a9 0000000a 2206c6aa 0000000a 2206c6ab 0000000a 2206c6ac 0000000a 2206c6ae 0000000a 2206c6af 0000000a 2206c6b2...
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