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    MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy Macdonald (USA)

    [h=3]MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy Macdonald (USA)[/HEADING] 1 Board Peice Needed to Unlock Board – MTV Hunt 8FC382A80000003E Easy Win – MTV Hunt AED05E38E0705041 AED35E380000000A Always Get Passing Score – Lifestyle AED39E3805F5E0FF 36512B8A00000064 B956354000000064...
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    Sega Laptops Featuring Dreamcast Cover

    SEGA NOTE PC ???????????????????????????? The Sites In Japanese ,I Stumbled On a link from kotaku They Range In Price From $1000 to $3000 Anybody wanting a new laptop look no further lol :lol:
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    Autistic Asian Cartoon Featuring Sega Console Girls

    Crunchyroll - Watch Hi-sCool! Seha Girls Episode 11 - Dream Rappy, Saturn Rappy, Mega Rappy, ?? Rappy
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    NBA Courtside 2 - Featuring Kobe Bryant (U) [!]

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top 3-Point Shots Made Kuhl Stud 80115A96 00?? Top Ball Carrier Kuhl Stud 80115A94 000? 0 - 1st 1 - 2nd 2 - 3rd 3 - 4th Top Ball Type Kuhl Stud 80115A95 000? 1 - 2 point ball 2 - 1 point ball Top Activator 1 P1 Code Master D0129D44 00?? Top Activator...
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    Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Have Secret Teams Robb 810DC34A 183F Top Home Run Modifier Crocc 800DC34F 00?? Top Infinite Outs Crocc 801DFB85 0000 Top Last Hit Modifier Crocc 813606C6 ???? Top Outs Modifier Crocc 801DFB85 00?? Top Press Z To See Ending (Stadium Select...
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    Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey (Japan)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Max Score (P1) Davin the Raven 811D26A4 3B9A 811D26A6 C9FF Top Max Score (P2) Davin the Raven 811D7AF4 3B9A 811D7AF6 C9FF Top Press L-Button for Max Gauge (P1) Davin the Raven D00B2791 0020 811D2602 0098 Top Press L-Button for Max Gauge (P2) Davin...
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    Nintendo Reveals Best Buy Stores Featuring E3 Promotion

    If you want to see what’s offered from Nintendo plan a drive to your nearest Best Buy The list of locations has been revealed for Nintendo’s E3 demos offered throughout Best Buy locations across North America. Alabama Birmingham Huntsville Arkansas Fort Smith North Little Rock Arizona...
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    Squish'em Featuring Sam Cheat Codes (for Colecovision)

    Hidden message Load the cartridge's ROM image into a hex editor and search the code to find the following message: THIS SPACE DEDICATED TO ALL THOSE HACKERS WHO PROGRAM IN 8K BUTARE GIVEN 16K AND TO ALL ACCOUNTANTS WHO WANT 15K PROMOS
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    Aero Dancing: Featuring Blue Impulse Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Exhibition mode: Successfully complete all twenty Blue Impulse missions. Exhibition mode includes new maneuvers which were previously unavailable.
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    Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna White Cheat Codes (for NES)

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