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    Favourite 2D fighting game !?

    What is you favourite 2D fighting on DC, and Why ?
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    Favourite VGA Game?

    We all know the VGA makes Dreamcast games look good but, What game do you think makes the best us of it? My favourite is GGX
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    Whats your Favourite Dreamcast Games

    Hi everyone, Im doing a small dreamcast collection, and I wanted to know what was the best dreamcast games you ever played =) (i need a additive game to fill my time) my favourites games until now are: - Heavy Metal Geomatrix (mostly for multiplaying, not much to do solo) - Sonic Adventure 2 -...
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    Favourite RPG on Dreamcast

    Mine is Grandia II. Best game ever made, IMO. It's so good that I stopped playing just before the final boss because I didn't want it to end :lol: (Edit: I didn't make this thread, the first post was deleted.)
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    :) My Favourite Fighter Emulated on PC

    fighting vipers emulation[1].jpg Never get bored of this game on Dreamcast or Saturn.
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    Radirgy vs Karous, which is your favourite of the two?

    Recently I played through Radirgy, now while I am not the biggest shooter fan the visuals and the presentation were enough to keep my playing. I decided to also pick up Karous and while I prefer the JSR style visuals of the first game, the second one is actually more fun to play. What do you...
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    Favourite GBA game

    Post your favourite GBA game.Mine is Pokemon FireRed
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    Favourite Playstation Games?

    In no real order: Tomb Raider Tekken 3 Silent Hill Resident Evil Driver Vigilante 8 Twisted Metal 2 Doom Final Doom DukeNukem 3D Duke Nukem Time To Kill Destruction Derby 2 Resident Evil 2
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