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    Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake CWCheats [EUR & Asia]

    _S UCES-01312 _G Fat Princess [EUR] _C0 x99 Supplies _L 0x1063FC0C 0x00000063 _L 0x1063FC10 0x00000063 _C0 By baldassano2008
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    PSP Fat 5.50 Gen-Bupgrade.

    Hello. I have an old fat model psp (i think its a 1000) with cfw 5.50 Gen-B (full) and was wondering what is the latest cfw out that is stable and compatible with my fat model psp. That is of course if i should upgrade or just stay with the cfw that i currently have. I haven't used my psp in a...
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    PSP fat stock CPU speed

    hi Where can I get detail for PSP fat standard CPU clock? I have just install 5.00 m33-6 to my PSP, the m33 vsh menu in xmb show CPU clock XMB & CPU clock GAME set to default and it can be change to a certain value. What is the standard/default clock for PSP fat?, and what will happen if I...
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    Problem with a pretty boring PSP Fat . . .

    Hi guys ! Well I searched a bit in the board and found no others guys who have the same problem as me so here is mine. Ok First I bought a PSP Fat on Ebay and it worked fine. However, few days later, the PSP didn't turn on and didn't charge ! So I started reading tons of tutorials and unmounted...
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    Please help - Noob - psp fat 1004 firmware 3.03 hack

    Hy. I have 24 hours to decide do i take this psp for me , i am looking at guides and they all say i need gta liberty city for this firmware or lumines for 3.5 but i have only vice city :/ Is there any new way of hacking , can i hack this psp to install custom firmware? Thanks a lot
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    Can't see any games on Fat PSP after updating from 3.80 m33-5 to 5.00 m33-6.

    Hi guys, as title stated, I am not able to see any games on my fat PSP (PSP1006) after updating its firmware from 3.80 m33-5 to 5.00 m33-6. I do have a GAME folder inside the PSP folder and also an ISO folder at the root containing all my game files. I've tried following all the steps in the...
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    Hacking PSP 1001 fat

    I need some help hacking my psp, I'm a total nub when it comes to these things. I been trying like crazy to hack it, downloading here and there, installing this and that, downloading programs and stuff, making a mms/pandora only to get 'corrupted data' in the pandora maker exe, nothing seems to...
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    What's the difference between batteries for Slim and Fat?

    What's the difference between batteries for Slim and Fat? Is it just software or hardware? As far as I know there is an EEPROM chip in it. If I replace EERPOM content in slim's battery with data from fat's battery, will it work on PSP fat?
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    Adding more ram to a psp fat?

    Couldn't find anything on the topic, more likely than not because it wouldn't be feesable, and even if it was it wouldn't be practical (as opposed to just buying a slim). The Homebrew software I want to run was designed around a slim running 4.xx or 5.xx CFW, it utilizes the additional ram...
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    cr-3100 For psp fat

    All i can find on the net is cr-3100 that says it supports the psp slim...does it matter if it says that? or is using it for the psp fat ok?
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    Would this work on my PSP fat?

    This is the item it's a 16GB memory stick. http://cgi.ebay.com/16gb-Memory-Stick-Pro-Duo-16gb-MARK2-Card-PSP-Computer_W0QQitemZ130333098149QQcmdZViewItemQQptZDigital_Camera_Memory_Cards?hash=item1e587540a5&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 Would it work on my psp fat or is it only for the new models? *Slim*
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    psp1000 or FAT pro b5 psx error

    Hey i just upgraded of pro b4 to pro b5 and now im having problems playing my psx on it. is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone HELP?
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    PSP Fat, problem.

    Hello people I unfortunately have a, what I think, a big problem with the PSP that i received this morning. Enough with stupid bla bla... The problem is: Without a battery, on AC power, it won't turn on, it just blinks ONCE (1 time) green. With a battery, it doesn't do anything. (And i have a...
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    i have psp fat with version 6.39 me-2 so which games i can play on it.

    i have psp fat with version 6.39 me-2 so which games i can play on it.please help me,i had downloaded game which req 5.0 m33 but didnt work so please help me which games i can play on cfw 6.39 me-2.
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    Fat PSP Controls Not Working

    Hello, my PSP has been bricked for a little while and I'd like to try and get it working again. Its controls are frozen on the XMB screen, but they're just fine on the recovery menu. Also, when I turn it off from the XMB it freezes for a good 10 seconds before it actually turns off...
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    upgrade psp fat ... how to ?

    hi, i have an old psp fat with firmware: 3.80 M33-5 how to i upgrade it to the latest custom firmware ? i really don't mind if i get a link to a tutorial that will help me, but what i really need is something working for this (old) 3.80 firmware, i guess i will have to update it to one or...
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    Psp 1003 fat problem help

    Hi, the problem with my psp is that when i put the changer on it blinks orange once then nothing else happens. When the changer is plugged in and i go to the battery setting it say's external. but does not charge it. Plus the original changer does not work at all the one that i got from my...
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