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    1 RFVA-A6WT Infinite small spells 2 RFVA-A6VJ Infinite large spells 3 ATVA-AA78 Infinite lives 4 RFRT-A6XR Infinite strength against obstacles 5 JBRT-AEYW Infinite strength under water
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    Arc Rise Fantasia

    Outfits Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding outfit. Blue swimsuit for L'Arc: Talk to the Kopin on the ship after the Boss battle at Mandelro Coast. Class leader for Adele: Talk to the Apprentice Kopin in Kopin Village. Cocoa swimsuit for Alf: Talk to the Kopin on the...
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    Fantasia Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Maximum Lives And Magic You can max out your lives in the water stage. First fight your way to the second stage to the point where there are platforms that go up. Once you get there you have to jump up the platforms to the top and you'll get a 1-up. Next, fight through the level until you...
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    New RPG: Arc Rise Fantasia

    From the developers of Luminous Arc for the DS: Looks promising.
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