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    Looking for a good replacement faceplate:

    My friend has a 1001 with a pretty scratched up faceplate. I don't think it's the original; the original got cracked, I think. Where do you suggest I go for a decent quality faceplate? I'm also thinking of replacing her replacement LCD screen which has a weird bluish tint to it. Any advice is...
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    camy faceplate

    do they make the camy faceplate with the dragon for the psp slim and if they do where can i get one, the color doesn't matter but i would prefer the white one with black dragons on it http://www.psp-hacks.com/images/psp-faceplate-mod.jpg decalgirl.com has them but i think its for the fat psp...
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    Faceplate swap

    i'm a first time poster, long time lurker... just wanted to say hi to everyone, and thank you all for the wealth of knowledge and kindness in sharing. i stumbled across psp-hack 11 months ago to the date and have learned a good deal of the basics because of this site and forum. i am planning on...
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    Where can I get an original PSP faceplate for cheap?

    Down anyone know where I can get a replacement faceplate for my psp for cheap online or at a store? Thanks.
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    3000 faceplate on a 2000 possible?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it's possible to set a 3000 faceplate on a 2000? I know that it probably wouldn't be possible because the buttons are a slightly different shape on the bottom, but what if I change those too? Would it be possible?
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    looking for metal faceplate

    looking for some TRUE psp armor, has to be metal titanium preferred!!
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    Different type of Faceplate?

    Hi, I am looking for a different kind of face plate for my PSP 1001. I don't want the glossy material that is found on usual PSPs. I am looking for that rough plastic that you find on the BACK of a PSP 1000. I was wondering if anyone knows a face plate like that. I checked out dealextreme and...
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    Help with faceplate replacement please

    I recently bought a faceplate and the things that hold the screws to the backplate broke overnight. I read somewhere that I had to "pre-thread" them. What does that mean and how would I do that?
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    Need help on how to customize a psp faceplate?

    i need some help on how to cheaply customize a psp faceplate without gluing any stickers on or anything that involves glue:D....i would appreciate the help and i think this could be helpful not only for me but for other psp owners that don't quite have the money to buy a custom faceplate.
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    Psp Go Faceplate

    Hey, I've been looking for a site that sells pspgo faceplates cuz mine is all scratched up, and a tut on how to do it but i can't seem to find any info, anyone know about that kinda stuff?
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    PSP 2000 Clear Faceplate & Screen help?

    Hey! I'm planning on remodeling this PSP-2000 :surprised: I have that my friend gave me but it is BEAT UP :blush: . Sad I know, So now I'm planning on changing the faceplate of it. Also, I need a new screen for it too because the LCD is broken. And now, the problem is I can't find one that is...
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    PSP Go faceplate question

    Does the faceplate of the PSP have a clear plastic screen that goes over the LCD or is it a "hole" that shows the LCD underneath? Does that makes sense?
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