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    As many of you know, you don't see much of me often. I would like to use this thread to see if any of you are a part of the ever growing and popular Facebook community. It would be a great way to keep in touch we everyone personally. My name is Travis Bowman, and I live in Bryant, AR. Add me! :D
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    Seems like everyone has Facebook If you want my addy [email protected]
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    who runs the Dreamcast-talk facebook page?

    as the topic says who runs the Dreamcast-talk facebook page? and i was wondering if this is the right page. Dreamcast Talk | Facebook
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    Dreamcast-Talk Facebook

    Does anyone know who started this FB page? There hasn't been activity since February. I tried sending messages to the account on several occasions. I was hoping to obtain ownership. Plus it would be nice to have so we could post updates (i.e. Elysian Shawdows, New Merch, etc.). Thanks guys.
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    Made a general Dreamcast facebook page

    I was debating on whether to make it or not, but I figured "Might as well..." and see where it goes. (If anyone knows how to, try to make a better banner.) Radkin and Impulse, If you guys are interested, I can make you Admins on the group as I doubt I could handle keeping track of updates lol...
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