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    Black USA Sega Dreamcast with extras for $ale. I sold ASCII

    Sega Dreamcast Sport Black Console NTSC with cords vmu controller games | eBay * NOTE : I SOLD ASCII PAD BELOW LAST WEEK, NOT A PART OF ABOVE AUCTION. The box (even has 99% of the shrink wrap on it still) and the pad is mint. I still have the box for it and everything, I only used it 20...
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    Krang Is Stubbornâ?¦ (Plus Extras!)

    Yes. More downloadable wastes of time. But this time, it's TMNT (I'm slowly turning into a TMNT freak, for some reason)! The story is that Krang and Shredder are fighting about who should get groceries from above the Technodrome. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. But it makes for...
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    So, I bought a new Dreamcast and some extras.

    My Second Dreamcast died two days ago. In my attempts to recalibrate the laser I broke the damn CD drive connector cable and damaged the tiny adjustment screw thingy. And um because I was having a bad day I smacked the damn console... She's history and I binned her, god rest her soul... - I...
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