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    Why are BB adapters so expensive..

    ..when nobody even plays online anymore ? :? You would think these things would be dirt cheap as it looks like the DC online scene is all but dead. What are these people using these things for ? Collecting ? Ripping games ? Dreamcast prostate exams ? :evil:
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    The Most Expensive Dreamcast I've Ever Seen

    Please understand, I saw this on EBay this morning and nearly spit up my coffee...from laughter... Sega Dreamcast White Console NTSC 7 GAMES 1 Controller 2 Memory Cards | eBay Good luck to that guy, but at least he was kind enough to give free shipping.
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    Analysis – Sony’s PlayStation Now Beta Pricing Is Overly Expensive

    At E3, Sony announced that PlayStation Now will be going into open beta later this summer. Since then, users in the closed beta have noticed some changes, namely that there are prices associated with content rentals now. The problem is that the cost for renting games doesn’t make much sense...
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