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    Expendable (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Expendable (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First [M] Must Be Last 245EECA9 Inf. Time 15358E0C000003E7 Infinite Lives P1 316EA31100000002 Infinite Health P1 14A5854B00000064 Inf. Heat-Seekers P1 7EF33DF9000000FF Inf. Flamethrower P1 A9DDEDAB000000FF Inf. Mult. Warheads P1...
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    Expendable (PAL)

    [h=3]Expendable (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Time 33A1205E 000000FF Infinite Lives Player 1 DD08821B 00000003 Infinite Health Player 1 D8B0821B 00000064 Infinite Grenades/Experiencelosives Plyr 1 15941755 00000004 Infinite Laser Ammo Player 1 A1935055 00000064 Infinite...
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    Expendable (USA)

    [h=3]Expendable (USA)[/HEADING] Inf. Gatling Gun Ammo P1 C7B3E63C00000064 Inf. Time 433A1BD0000003E7 Inf. Grenades P1 4DDA1E0D000000FF Inf. Lives P1 1544175500000030 Inf. Heat-Seekers P1 F6919742000000FF Inf. Flamethrower P1 F6A99742000000FF Inf. Mult. Warheads P1 39792583000000FF...
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    Expendable Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Extra Credits Press a, b, left, a, b, right, b, a, down, right trigger on the pause screen. Extra Lives Press a, b, x, y, left trigger, right trigger, up, down, left, right on the pause screen. First person view Pause the game and press L, Left, R, Right, X(2), Down(2), R, L.
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