Exploration is the process of exploring, an activity which has some expectation of discovery. Organised exploration is largely a human activity, but exploratory activity is common to most organisms capable of directed locomotion and the ability to learn, and has been described in, amongst others, social insects foraging behaviour, where feedback from returning individuals affects the activity of other members of the group.Exploration has been defined as:

To travel somewhere in search of discovery.
To examine or investigate something systematically.
To examine diagnostically.
To (seek) experience first hand.
To wander without any particular aim or purpose.In all these definitions there is an implication of novelty, or unfamiliarity or the expectation of discovery in the exploration, whereas a survey implies directed examination, but not necessarily discovery of any previously unknown or unexpected information. The activities are not mutually exclusive, and often occur simultaneously to a variable extent. The same field of investigation or region may be explored at different times by different explorers with different motivations, who may make similar or different discoveries.
Intrinsic exploration involves activity that is not directed towards a specific goal other than the activity itself.Extrinsic exploration has the same meaning as appetitive behavior. It is directed towards a specific goal.

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