Excite is an American website (historically a web portal) operated by IAC that provides outsourced internet content such as a metasearch engine, with outsourced weather and news content on the main page. As of 2024, all of Excite's operations are controlled by services outside of the business.
In the United States, the main Excite homepage had historically a personal start page and web portal called My Excite. Excite once operated a webmail service commonly known as Excite Mail until August 31, 2021, when it would be renamed BlueTie and given a paid business model rather than the free model of Excite Mail.
The original Excite company was founded in 1994 and went public two years later. Excite was once a popular site on the Internet during the 1990s, with the main portal site Excite.com being the sixth most visited website in 1997. The company merged with broadband provider @Home Network but together went bankrupt in 2001. Excite's portal and services were acquired by iWon and then by Ask Jeeves, but the website went into a steep decline in popularity afterwards.

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