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    Magic Hammer

    Level up glitch In this glitch, you will easily be able to defeat boneyards enemy's before the boss battle with the help of levelling up. This is especially good early game, when you level up quite fast. STEP 1: fight enemy's until close to levelling up. Then travel to a incomplete data...
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    Fractured Soul: Deep Void

    General Gameplay Tips By beating the par times usually involves holding down the walk button constantly, so keep this in mind when approaching an enemy or obstacle. If you're finding a certain part tricky to navigate, try saying what you're doing out loud. It certainly helps parse the action.
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    Various Achievements Achievement How to unlock 1hr Speedster Beat the game within 1hr. 2hr Speedster Beat the game within 2hrs. Item Collector Collected all items excluding secret items. Legendary Slayer Defeated 5000 monsters. Monster Hunter Defeated all monsters excluding rare...
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    Dragon's Dogma 2 enemy id list

    These enemy ID's are for use with this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma2/mods/405 The only thing you need to change is where it says find("ch256001_") replace the number with the desired monster ID. Do not get rid of the ch or the underscore, just change the number. You don't...
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Easy "A Continental Fellow" trophyTake note of your starting location or keep a saved game file at the global map each time you are almost finished with a game in order to keep track of which locations you have already completed. Play under the easy difficulty setting and use second wave...
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    CIMA - The Enemy (U)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Ark: Item Modifier Slot #1 MadCatz 32012A3B XXXX Poison Block 0001 Power Block 0002 Prlz. Block 0003 Protec Block 0004 Speed Ring 0005 Heal Ring 0006 Shield Ring 0007 Material 0008 Dfs. Shield 0009 Status Sld. 000A Potion A 000B Potion B 000C Potion C 000D...
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    Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    All Difficulties Enter VLAD as a password to unlock the easy, normal and hard difficulty settings. Clockwork's Time Quest/Mission Mode To unlock Clockwork's Time Quest/Mission Mode, simply beat the game once on Normal difficulty. Once you do, go back to your saved game and Clockwork...
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