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    New dark theme enabled and dbseo installed.

    Right so, recently we've installed dbseo and we also have a new darker theme for those who prefer darker themes as it's a bit easier on the eyes. So the url structure may have changed a bit but not by much. To enable the new skin, browse to the bottom left and find the style chooser, it's...
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    Forum Runner app enabled!

    Now you should be able to browse around with no problems using a smartphone from apple or android, or any other mobile device.
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    Steam card enabled

    Users can enter their steam id in the following forms: steam id: STEAM_0:X:XXXX http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656119XXXXXXXXXX (profile page url) steam community id: 7656119XXXXXXXXXX
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    New media bb code enabled

    Supported sites Blip.TV Daily Motion FaceBook Videos * Flickr Google Videos Guba Harpers Bazaar Liveleak MegaPorn ** MegaVideo MetaCafe MySpace Videos Nothing Toxic Own3d PhotoBucket Videos Redtube ** Ryoni Street Fire Style Tangle The Fashion Spot Telegraph TV Veoh Video Fashion Daily Viddler...
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    links enabled after 15 posts

    after you hit 15 posts you may: post images post links have links in your signature I'm using this to help promote posting and at the same time deter spam bots from posting as well.
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    Old VGC skin is enabled

    for those of you who like the black & white skin from the old mybb forum, the skin has been transferred for use over here.
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