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    Bleem games and DC Emulators

    Are they compatible with eachother? recently my DC[R.I.P.] passed away and doesn't want to turn on! It is the only DC I've been through and I am too lazy to go get another one. So I wanted to know if the bleem games hosted on this site are compatoble with any [or most] DC Emulators! I would...
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    Dreamcast emulators on new consoles

    Wouldn't it be crazy when you could be sitting in your living with the Playstation 5 playing Shenmue on your Playstation 5 that is emulating the Dreamcast? I was just thinking about the future and what it holds. I would also like to think within the next 1000 years we will have matter compilers...
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    Does anyone play emulators on their dreamcast ?

    We all know that the use of emulators are commonly used on modern computers and smartphones for basically all systems except more current gen but do you guys play any emulators on dreamcast like for the nes, snes , megadrive and ps1? , would you guys make use of a saturn emulator if a good one...
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    Can someone help me where can i find DS to PSP emulator and PC to PSP emulator? thanxxx
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    Help plz for emulators

    I'm runing 6.00 OFW the patapon HBL for my emulators my snes is slow but i was wondering if i upgrade to 6.20 and pro b4 if i can still get all the emulators mainly just nes,snes,n64. If i can can u link the emulators plz don't want to screw up my psp.
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    The Best Emulators

    can anyone tell me the location of the best sega saturn, gameboy color, nintendo 64 and sega genesis emulators currently out? please tell me if you know the location of any one of these. i searched but all my results said that the emulators came out in like 2005-2008 so i figured that there were...
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    Trying to run psp ISO, and other emulators but are not working

    I have a pspgo currently running 6.60 and this cfw (6.60 PRO-B9 Custom Firmware) I need help running iso or tips on how, I want to run psx and psp iso. I get my iso from this site "pspisoz" thanks in advance guys.
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    Need Emulators for PS3

    Can you tell me any emulator can play GBA, DS or others? I'm on CFW 3.55?
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    Need help changing custom firmware from 6.35 Hen to something with emulators.

    Hi. my current psp is a psp 1001, and i would like to have it running a cfw that is capable of running emulators...i would like to run ps1 emulators, nes, snes and gameboy emulators...i currently do not have a pandora's battery my psp is running 635Hen by coldbird and virtuous flame, and...
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    Best Firmware for Emulators?

    hi all, i keep going trough Google but it snt giving me the answers i want, only more questions... i have a slim psp and want to play final burn alpha, snes and mega drive..... im currently on 5.50 prome-4 pico drive works fine but final burn doesnt... what is the one stop shop as far as...
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    Zsnes and PS1 emulators

    Hi there, Can someone please help me? I want to install zsnes and ps1 emulators. any link to how i can install them? Im trying for the PS1 but i get to a part where is says to copy a code to a "pops.txt" but i dont even have a pops.txt file nor anything in the seplugins folder. I already...
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    What is psp homebrew and psp emulators?

    I am new to PSP world and I heard these 2 terms, I really don't know the meaning of these 2 terms so please tell me what do they mean and what do they do? Thanks.
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