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    Emulation & the Law

    You may have heard the story earlier this week that the video game company Atlus had issued a DMCA take down over a Patreon page for the creators of RPCS3 - an open source PlayStation 3 emulator, because people could use that emulator to play the Atlus game Persona 5. How Can A Video Game...
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    Help with Emulation Options?

    Hey there everybody, I've just successfully HEN'd my OFW 3.61 PSP-3000 with the Minna no Sukkiri exploit, and I was wondering what my emulation options are; if there are any, that is. I've tried to run some of the emulators unsuccessfully, and I have yet to get any to work. Rather than try...
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    How is DS emulation?

    I know there is a link to a DS emulator in the homebrew section, the version is 0.1 and says it cannot run commercial games yet. After googling some, I found version 0.6 of this emulator, but could find no other info. Can it run commercial games yet? Reason I'm asking is that I am dying to play...
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