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    Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks

    XX1-069-19A Start with burst of speed 004-65A-3BE Infinite fuel 00D-46B-3BE Collisons with cars don't affect speed 003-C5B-3B7 + 002-3FA-3B7 + 000-BDA-19E Collisions barely affect speed 1E7-31B-B37 + 027-32B-A26 Start with 1 lap--ignore lap timer and counter 1E7-31B-B37 +...
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    Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challenge game genie codes (for NES)

    Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challenge EUEKTLEP Accelerate faster SZUETKVK Infinite 'free time' in the pits SXOAZVVK Freeze timer while crew works on car in pits
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