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    dreamcast cant read GD-ROM but CD-R backups work fine, EDIT

    this is a really strange problem finally found my old GD-ROMS and tried them today and ALL of them wouldnt work but if i throw any cdr backup in there it works 100% of the time any idea whats going on here?
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    Quite Dissapointed :( (EDIT: Undissapoint)

    So i got what i thought to be my bba in the mail but after i opened and took the adapter out (was pretty excited at this point), i got the hkt-7100 dialup modem. I'm so dissapointed i dont even know how to feel im nauseous right now
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    How to edit pictures in XMB?

    Hey everyone, How do you change the small pictures of .eboots in ms0:/PSP/GAME ? What tools do I need and what size should they be? I want to customize the pics of my PSone Games and my Homebrew Applications. Any help would be great!!! Thank you in advance :)
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