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    psx eboots??

    psx2psp turns the psx iso or whatever form it is into an eboot.... is there a program or way to turn the eboot back to its original form(iso or whatever) b4 u turned it into an ebooot, cause i notice te eboot is smaller, will it lose anything converting back if u can??
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    Confusion about ISOs and eboots..

    Hey, I just modded my PSP 3000 with 6.35 PRO-B4. When I put games into the ISO folder of the mem stick, some of them automatically create a folder in PSP:GAME with their own eboot, allowing me to run directly from the memory card on the XMB. Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition and Pixeljunk...
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    Help with playing foreign eboots OFW???

    Hi everyone I have a PSP 3000 running OFW 6.39 I currently have some Japanese eboots of two games, Persona and LSD Dream Emulator. When I try to play them on my PSP, an error message appears- The copyright protection information is invalid (801085OE) Any help will be greatly appreciated, i...
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    Official eboots on CFW

    Ive got alot of eboot games from sony and Im getting ready to install CFW on my Go. Can I still use the eboots or will I have to re download. Im thinking not but you never know.
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    PSP won't read eboots.

    :yeahthat: the eboots in particular are the official comic reader and the 6.39 ME-5 update. PHAT with 6.38 ME-2
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    Does PBP Unpacker work on PSX Eboots?

    Does PBP Unpacker work on PSX eboots? I've tried with a few PSX eboots to edit the PIC and and ICON.PNG's but it always ends with an error about priviledges.
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