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    can't play psx iso / Eboot?

    Hi, I have recently hacked my psp 3004 to 6.20 TN-D , i patched it with the TN-D_Permanent patch. Now if i understand things correctly i need to run psp games with the PrometheusIsoLoader , and it works ok for the psp games.. but how the hell can i start a psx iso/Eboot game? If i put the psx...
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    Final Fantasy 8 Eboot Won't Load Disc 3

    I created a multi disc eboot with all four discs of FF8, I haven't had any problems until I got to disc three. The game tells me to insert disc 3, when I switch discs, nothing happens. I've tried using disc 4 and it tells me its the wrong disc (but it recognizes it), but not disc 3. I've tried...
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    eBoot 5.00 help

    Hi there I have a PSP1000 with 5.00 m33-6 firmware. When I try to load an eBoot it tells me that I need 6.38 or higher to play it. Is there any way to sign it? (or however it is called nowadays)
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    question about 6.20 pro B5 and multidisk eboot

    hi there, I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread but ive looked almost everywere and i can't find a stright answer some people say its fine and others say that it dont work. im strugling to get disk 2,3,4 on final fantasy 8 eboot version working on my psp go on perm 6.20 B5 (updated). can anyone...
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    How to extract icons from eboot?

    I want to extract the icons from a psx eboot, but psxtopsp does not do that. Is there a program that does?
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    EBOOT help....

    Is there any way i can compress PSP EBOOT file's to make them just a bit smaller??
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