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    Tetris DX

    Alternate Screens Press Select during demonstration mode to display an aquarium screen. Press A (x2) to return to demonstration mode then display a confetti screen. Press B (x2) to return to the demonstration mode then display a chalkboard.
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    Mario & Luigi RPG3 DX - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [JP]

    The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Mario & Luigi RPG3 DX on Nintendo 3DS (3DS). 00040000001CA900.txt [Max Money v1.1] 0040565C 000F423F [Instant Message v1.1] 002735D8 E1A00000 [Walk speed multiplier x1 v1.1] 0021EB48 3F800000 [Walk speed multiplier x1.5 v1.1] 0021EB48...
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    Slim Case from DX

    Does anyone have this slim case from dx? http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14723 it looks like it would add a layer of good protection without adding too much bulk... just curious on if anyone can comment on it. thanks.
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    Dx store on eBay is a ripoff artist

    I won an auction over 6 weeks ago on eBay from someone selling 2 16 gb micro sd cards the strange thing was, after I won the items the seller reposted them again .but this time used an immage of the sd to msp adaptors and changed the text in the discription to "2 16 gb micro sd cards .... works...
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    Gods Eater Burst help DX

    HI!!! I'm new.. of course and I need help with the TempAr I put in the right codes for the game codes usa and game usa and they just don't show up at all which makes me rage and also could someone post some patapon 3 codes for me plz? I would be happy!! :D and Umm My cfw is 6.35 pro b3
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    Bust-A-Move 3 DX

    Bonus levels Type A, up, B, down, A, left, B, right on the title screen.
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    Tetris DX

    Continue One-Player Game Pause gameplay, then power off the system. Now when you turn the game back on, you'll get a Continue? screen and be able to start off where you left off. Reverse Movement While a piece other than a straight bar or block are coming down, hold Left or Right and...
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    Sonic Adventure DX

    Chao Egg Go to the Mystic Ruins and go to the ditch with the waterfall, then find the stone jut hit it and a chao egg will fall out of the waterfall it can't be picked up until it is at the shore and there you have a new Chao friend. Chao flying To help your chao fly, give it a bird...
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