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    causes of potential cpu oveheating and solutions

    first off I figured I'd post this here so it doesn't get lost in the HO. A little background recently I suffered a few bsods which I believe I have resolved. with the last bsod I grew concerned about cpu heat as I am currently going through a heatwave my room gets hot during the day with no real...
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    Dusty dreamcast

    Hi guys, I am visiting my parents' place and i found the original dreamcast we bought sitting in the cupboard. hooked it up and i works like a dream. Only thing i have noticed is it is a little dusty on the inside and dirty. Should i worry about cleaning it? i just don't want to screw up the...
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    Dusty Diamonds All-Star Softball Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Picking tip Pick the best hitter first. You can always juggle your lineup before you play. The last guy you pick is your pitcher, so choose carefully.
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