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    Test Drive 6 (USA)

    [h=3]Test Drive 6 (USA)[/HEADING] Infinite Cash 87DB8F71000000FF
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    Test Drive V-Rally (USA)

    [h=3]Test Drive V-Rally (USA)[/HEADING] Inf. Credits (Arcade) B94A75EB00000004
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    The Sega Mega Drive Reactor Wireless Console...

    Apache Tomcat/5.5 - Error report So... Being the hardware junkie that I am, I have a tendency to get all anxious and have high anticipations of finding some exotic diamond-in-the-rough. This is not the case - its pure coal. If anyone has had much experience with the plug-and-play sort of...
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    My Dreamcast zip drive

    a few pics... Ignore the Dreamcast, it's kinda faded an old (it's the one from my 4 year old little boys bedroom ;) ) Oh and the little bit on the side of the Dreamcast is the overclock switch ;) With my dual analog controller :) With my mainly used Dreamcast
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    New DreamShell 4 RC2 play games off your External Hard Drive

    New DreamShell 4 RC2 play games off your External Hard Drive Will be released soon. Instead of sd card adapter in serial port, you can plug your external hard drive to a serial connector. Possible rival to GDEMU.
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    Dreamcast Hard Drive Mod?

    So I saw someone posted a link to this [GUIDE e TUTORIAL] Dreamcast DevBios + G1ATA Harddisk MOD in the Dreamcast Gamers page on facebook. Is there a version of this in English? Because it looks pretty cool from what I can gather.
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    Guess who's old enough to drive?

    Not me. Well I am, but I have been for like 10 years now. It's 9 o'clock on 9/9!
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    Insanely high pitch squealing coming from disc drive

    Hello everyone, recently I've bought a Dreamcast and a few games with it. Every time I spin up a game the disc drive makes a high pitch squeal that legitimately hurts my ears, to the point of where even when the dreamcast isn't on I can still hear the noise it made because it's burnt that noise...
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    Gundam Age Cosmic Drive [NPJH-50567]

    _S NPJH-50567 _G Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE Cosmic Drive _C0 Infinite Money _L 0x206D1A68 0x05F5E0FF _C0 Infinite HP _L 0x603E8458 0x00000002 _L 0x00000002 0x00000090 _L 0x100000AC 0x00000000 _C0 Infinite EN _L 0x103E83A0 0x00000DC0 _C0 Infinite SP _L 0x603E8458 0x0000012C _L 0x00010001...
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    Rumor: Next Xbox Will Require That Games Be Installed On Hard Drive

    Source: According to a report based on leaked Xbox development documents published at the website The Verge, users will be required to install disc-based games on the...
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    Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive [USA] CWCheats [ULUS-10571]

    _S ULUS-10571 _G Naruto Shipp Kiz Drive [USA] _C0 Inf Hp & Ki [DMA?] _L 0x009B44A4 0x00000064 _L 0x009B44AA 0x00000064 _C0 Inf Paper Trap _L 0x009B4760 0x00000063 _C0 Inf Shuriken _L 0x009B4830 0x00000063 _C1 By Baldassano
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    Naruto Kizuna Drive DEMO [EUR] CWCheats [NPEH-90049]

    _S NPEH-90049 _G Naruto Kizuna Drive DEMO [EUR] _C0 NARUTO Inf Health [NOT WORKING] _L 0x10595424 0x00000064 _C0 NARUTO Inf Chakra [NOT WORKING] _L 0x1059B54A 0x00000064 _L 0x105969DA 0x00000064 _C0 Inf Shuriken & Paper Bombs _L 0x108FB2B0 0x00000063 _L 0x108FB1E0 0x00000063 _C1 By Baldassano
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    Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive [JAP] [ULJS-00291] CWCheats

    _S ULJS-00291 _G Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive [JAP] _C0 Characters All _L 0x10393410 0x0000FFFF _C0 Ninja Arts All _L 0x4079348C 0x00140001 _L 0x0E0E0E0E 0x00000000 _L 0x003934DC 0x0000000E _C0 Ninjutsu flat _L 0x4039348C 0x00140001 _L 0x0E0E0E0E 0x00000000 _L 0x003934DC 0x0000000E _C1 Player...
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    Test Drive 2

    Extra Lives and Faster Accleration Type "aerf" on the racing screen to receive more lives and quicker acceleration. The more times you type it, the more lives you get. Press the space bar to lose the quick accelleration and keep the lives.
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    OTG Drive

    Hi ALL! I have no idea where else to put this thread so ill give it a shot in this section, at the moment im looking for some stortage capacity for my PSP and i found out about these OTG Drives... If you search youtube with " Witchain SPS PSP " you find alot of movies of PSPs using USB ISO...
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    PSP's UMD drive plugged out and replaced with way cooler stuff

    Hello ladies and gentle men, While I was exploring youtubes deep jungles, I found this video: Watch it, be amazed. I wish I could do the same with my psp (with a double Memory card slot duh :bucktooth:). I wonder if some of you guys...
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    Umd drive not doing anything at all

    Hello, so i traded my psp phat to my friend for a slim and was using it for awhile despite it had a tweaked out analog stick and just recently the Umd drive just quit working. My psp specs and stuff: .PSP 2000 Slim v.1 TA-085 Darth Vader Edition (Pandora usable) .Never opened up(taken apart)...
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    Cleaning PSP 1000 UMD Drive Laser?

    Hey guys, just have a quick question. My PSP UMD drive's laser is not smudged or dirty or anything, but I would like to clean it, just as a maintenance procedure. What should I use? A q-tip and alcohol? Rubbing alcohol has oily residue I am told, but I do have some N64 cartridge cleaner. What...
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    Power Drive Rally Cheat Codes (for Jaguar)

    Alternate car colors Press Up or Down at the car selection screen. | [Sent by DayleJ] Stop CPU opponent Press 6 during game play. Press 9 to restore the opponent to normal. | [Sent by DayleJ] Turbo Intentionally use the brakes until their damage level is 100%. Then, use the brakes to...
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    Club Drive Cheat Codes (for Jaguar)

    Atari headquarters Begin game play on the Wild-West World in single player mode. Drive into the pulsating wall inside the mine shaft. | [Sent by DayleJ] Castle Enable the fast car option and begin game play on Jerome's World in single player mode. Drive into the first floor fireplace. |...
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