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    Mr. Driller (USA)

    [h=3]Mr. Driller (USA)[/HEADING] Infinite Air BCA63ADE0000FFFF Infinite Lives 607B6B130000000A High Scoring 6D1B6B120000FFFF
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    Mr Driller can use the microphone...

    I just found out via gamefaqs and then succesfully tested and verified that the seaman/AFO microphone can be used to drill the blocks. The mic just has to register a loud enough sound, so you can even tap the microphone with your hand and the driller guy will drill blocks. Are there any other...
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    Mr. Driller 2 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    10 Lives Press Start to pause game play, then press Down, Select, Up, Down, L, R, Down, Up, R, L, Up, A. Unlock Reverse Time Attack Clear all 10 Normal Courses (A-J) in Time Attack Driller to Unlock Reverse copies of all 10 Courses. Press R to access them. Unlock The North Stage Beat the...
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