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    How to make basic fighting & more in dreamstud!o

    On the first video im showing how to make basic fighting on Dreamstud!o for Dreamcast it's a Japanese 3d Construction game maker it's like a basic version of unity 3d and is very similar to Rpg Maker ... they are both the same company "Kuusou Kagaku" ..... they did Rpg maker 1 and 2 on the...
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    Dreamstud!o english translation project this will be on hold

    This is almost done here is the download so you can see this is all real here is the video enjoy subscribe my channel for more videos BOTH PART 1 AND 2 ARE NOT SEGA DREAMCAST!THE VIDEO UNDER THESE WILL WORK ON SEGA DREAMCAST(note i have tested the .pvl it won't work) PART 1 OF TRANSLATION VIDEO...
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