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    New dreamshell sd iso module

    New version of the sd module now featuring... COMMERCIAL GAME LOADING OFF SD CARD Page Not Found - Руководства по ремонту
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    New DreamShell 4 RC2 play games off your External Hard Drive

    New DreamShell 4 RC2 play games off your External Hard Drive Will be released soon. Instead of sd card adapter in serial port, you can plug your external hard drive to a serial connector. Possible rival to GDEMU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BdlohOHS5A
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    Problems with Dreamshell

    I am having difficulties with Dreamshell. My two problems are: -not reading SD card -screen not displaying correctly I bought an SD card adaptor a year ago and tried it with dreamshell. It did not work so I assumed it was faulty, I then ordered an internal mod set and installed it today, but...
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    DreamShell issue... help needed, please.

    So I used "DreamShell 4.0 RC 4 + Boot Loader" to make a disc that my DC reads and loads... but then I get to a screen that reads: DreamShell boot loader v2.4 Boot from RAM Boot from CD I don't have the SD card reader but I just wanted to see if I could run DreamShell from the disc... I can't...
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    Dreamshell compatibility - SD v HDD

    So I recently found this list compiled by pcwzrd13 which lists Dreamcast games which are supposidly compatible with Dreamshell and the settings needed to run them: DreamShell IDE Compatibility List - Google Sheets Buttttt when I run GDI files from my SD card using the suggested settings they...
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    DreamShell parameters + Online games

    I'm updating the DreamShell list of parameters based on the last boot loader released in the Swat Forum. The games were tested using this DS folder (That needs to be in the root of your SD Card/ide drive): http://titanide.kinghost.net/Dreamcast/DS.rar List of parameters: 102 Dálmatas - Async...
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    DC SD card ISO's for Dreamshell... where are they?

    I've seen the ones on The Iso Zone • Download Isos, Roms, Homebrew & Emulators for your Favourite Retro Systems! but there seem to be only a few decent games out of the 400 they have listed... many of the games that I'm looking for are nowhere to be found... I can't seem to find them on the...
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