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    New Dreamcast-Talk web site

    Hey guys, on 9/9/08 we debuted the new Dreamcast-Talk website with an updated look and vastly improved content. DC survivors and Dreamcast-Talk have merged and the product is better than ever. We need your guys help to continue to make this site better. Please go to the new site and tell us...
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    Dreamcast-Talk PSO Server is now online! :)

    Dont have an original pal pso v2 :*(
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    PSO V2 Mod Dreamcast-Talk NO FSOD Version!!

    Yes, what Dobbs said. This is really great smith! Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. Love the no FSOD feature! ;) Keep up the nice work smith, & thanks for the hard work.
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    One full year with Dreamcast-Talk!

    I just realized I have been here 1 full year today! I just want to take this time to tell you all that I sincerely thank everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with everything Dreamcast related for the past year! :mrgreen: You guys and gals make this the best Dreamcast...
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    who runs the Dreamcast-talk facebook page?

    as the topic says who runs the Dreamcast-talk facebook page? and i was wondering if this is the right page. Dreamcast Talk | Facebook
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    PSO Sylverant Dreamcast-Talk, PSO Palace etc.

    Just wanted to publicly say that it is great that the dc pso community is finally together as one. No more drama. If you have yet to play PSO, you should give it a try. Aleron Ives made a ver. 1 PSO autoconnect iso. There are also other methods of connecting: a pso patch disk, a ver. 2...
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    Dreamcast-Talk Facebook

    Does anyone know who started this FB page? There hasn't been activity since February. I tried sending messages to the account on several occasions. I was hoping to obtain ownership. Plus it would be nice to have so we could post updates (i.e. Elysian Shawdows, New Merch, etc.). Thanks guys.
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    Dreamcast-Talk members games list

    Since the reaction to the poll has been positive, I'm opening the DC games list here. Every user will be allowed one post (his/her games list), which can later be updated as you get new games. Obviously we're talking about legit stuff you bought/own & NOT copies (I'm making an exeption for the...
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