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    Does legally bought Dissidia Prologus save work with hacked psp downloaded Dissidia?

    As the title says I was wondering if a legally bought Dissidia Prologus save will work with the full Dissidia game if I get it when I hack my psp and download it?
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    psp 1002 Version 6.37 How To Play Downloaded Game ?

    new to psp and this site so if i have posted in the wrong place please movie i downloaded some demos and copy them to the sd card E://PSP/GAMES/ says there are no games on the psp then i tried E:/GAMES/ same thing i read around i need a custom Firmware but i have no idea how to go about...
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    Help with downloaded Little Big Planet

    Hi guys, I've just downloaded a copy of Little Big Planet for the PSP, I'm 100% sure I have the files and everything in the right folders, because the game can boot, and start. The game loads, and asks me to choose my language, then it asks me to install memory data on the memory stick. When I...
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    How can i hack my psp so i can play downloaded games and other stuff?

    i have a psp one of the first ones released in that year and wondering how can i hack it myself with software or any other stuff needed to hack it so i can play downloaded games. its system version is 6.00 i updated it because i had to since gta china town wars wouldn't play if not updated. Thanks!
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