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    Downgrading CFW

    Can someone help me dowmngrade my psp. it has 5.00 m33-4 CFW and i need 3.90 m33. Links appriciated ;)
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    downgrading problem

    hey guys new to this trying to downgrade to 1.5 uesing hellcats recovery flasher but when i go to install the backup of 1.5 its says cant do this from hen mode how to i solve this
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    I want to downgrade from 5.50 gen-d3 to 5.00 m33 can anyone tell me how?
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    plz help . pblm in downgrading 6.35 to 6.20

    guys, i have a pblm , when my downgrader launches and after i press x, it gives a blue screen and then says , game cannot be started, what that means , my psp is 3000 with 6.35 pro b9 and i m trying to downgrade to 6.20.. is it corrupt ofw 6.20 file or wat ,
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    PSP Downgrading Issues

    Hey, I've been trying to get Fusa to work on my PSP and it hasn't been working so well because I have CFW 6.60 PRO-B8. The program's used on 6.39, so I wanted to see if it'd work better on the older firmware. On 6.60 the NES emulator is the only thing that works and everything else looks, well...
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    help downgrading 6.30 ofm

    guys i bought a psp 3004 model with 6.30 ofm . can some one help to downgrade it to cfm so that i can play games from memory card.. thanks in advance
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    Question about downgrading PSP Go firmware

    I plan on ordering a new PSP Go from Sony soon, and was wondering if it matters what firmware I have in order to downgrade to 6.20 so I can use homebrew? Also, can anyone direct me to a tut on downgrading to 6.20?
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    Downgrading from Pro B 6.39 to 6.35

    Hey, I want to downgrade my PSP 2003, which is on CFW 6.39 Pro B6 down to version 6.35; this would remove the need to continuoulsy launch Fast Recovery. Can somebody please tell me what I need to do?
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    Downgrading from 6.39Pro to 5.50Gen Possible?

    Due to the lack or icon reordering and emulation compatibilities, I would prefer to downgrade if possible. If there is a way, is it possible to downgrade without a Pandora battery? Thanks for everything!
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    Downgrading and stuff

    Not very new to hacking but everyone could use some help some times. I'm trying to downgrade from 6.20 to a state where I can play ISO's. If someone could direct me in the way of doing this, it'd be deeply appreciated.
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