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    Downgrade 5.50 prome 4 ?

    Hey . . . Um . . . I Need To downgrade my version from prome 4 to 5.50 OFW so that i can upgrade my psp slim to 6.35 pro . . . please HELP ME ! XD:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
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    6.37 homebrew downgrade

    So I've recently been interested in psp homebrew, but i have ofw 6.37. The two methods I've tried to downgrade are using psp tools and Hellcats recovery flasher both unsuccessfully running in hbl. When I launch psp tools from hbl it just stays at a black screen. Does anybody know how to get this...
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    downgrade 6.35 to 5.50

    good day to every it possible to downgrade my psp version 6.35 to 5.50 gen b-3?please help!
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    Can i downgrade this ...

    Hi, i was wondering if i could downgrade from 5.50 M33-6 to 5.00 M33-6 . Any help would be appreciated
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    6.10 downgrade without Pandora?

    Hey. Is it possible to downgrade 6.10 official without Pandora? Thanks :) And oh btw -- Forum re-organization fucked up all the links. So it's pretty much impossible to crawl the forums now :) Anyway ~A
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    cant mod or downgrade

    recently i bought a psp 3006 i cannot rmb what version was it in but ya.. i updated to 635 with no problems. i tried to do the 635 suki game and it backed out half way. it didnt brick. it just cannot be modded. does anyone have a solution? i have a psp1000 so i tried using the same MS to do the...
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    Help: Failed downgrade, stuck in Recovery Mode

    EDIT: Problem Solved! Thanks iCraveTacos and fowler002! Solution: toggle to flash0 in recovery mode to restore 3.40E and use Hellcats flasher to flash directly to 5.50gen-d3. Quick version: PSP Phat 1001 Was on firmware 3.40OE-A Tried to downgrade to 1.5 Now I can only boot into recovery mode...
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    6.37 ME Latest downgrade

    How to? And since I have 6.37 ME, I obviously have a slim :blush:
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    psp downgrade

    Hi all just wanted to know if someone can help. I have a psp 3003 slim on official fmware 6.37. I have a pandora battery and magic memory stick which I used a couple of years ago on my psp slim 2000. The fmware I have on my other psp slim 2000 is 5.5 gen d. I upgraded that one from 3.71 m33 to...
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    psp-go ofw 6.60 - downgrade to 6.39OFW

    i saw the latest downgrader version release how safe is it for psp-go 6.39OFW will this allow me to play signed games again is the guide to downgrading psp 1/2/3k similar for go or is there a little change
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    Getting a IDXFFFFFFFF error while trying to downgrade!

    I just bought a new PSP slim - 3004 (09g) model with 6.39 firmware, and I was trying to downgrade it to 6.20 firmware using Chronoswitch Downgrader but everytime I am getting a message The update cannot be started, The data is corrupted (IDXFFFFFFFF). How to solve it?
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    Useing version.txt to downgrade to the lowest possible FW

    I have a psp 1003 (A.K.A Phat), I am on FW 6.20 TN-E. I want to downgrade to FW 5.50 GEN-D (full) I am able to downgrade to 5.02 OFW or higher useing the version.txt(5.00) then install a FW higher than 5.00, i install OFW 5.03 then try to install ChikenR2 but i never can i've tryed to for hours...
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    Downgrade from 6.XX to 5.50?

    Hello!! Ever since I upgraded my old phat to 6.20 & recently to 6.39, it keeps freezing whenever i exit homebrew or games. Is it possible to downgrade to 5.50 from 6.XX? -I couldn't find a related topic, so sorry if it already exist.
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    Cannot Downgrade PSP 3001 OFW 6.35

    I have a PSP 3001 it had 6.20, but somehow it was updated to 6.30 without my knowing. Since then I update it with 6.35 in hopes to downgrade it to 6.20, but it does not work. I've used the Downgrader 3.1 and 4.1, both do not work. On 3.1 it stops at the "Please wait..." and then shuts off 10...
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    Is there something to downgrade what firmware games need to be?

    I downloaded quite a few games that are PSX games turned into games from PSN via not PSN methods. Is there anyway I can patch them and not upgrade from 5.00 MM33-6?
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    3004 psp with 5.70 ofw downgrade

    is there anyone who can help me with downgrading my psp 3004 with 5.70ofw. he is now out of warrenty so i can try the update. thanks in advance
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    PSP Downgrade Question

    Ok I have seen many tutorials I just want to make sure that I do the right thing and not brick my system. I have a PSP Original updated to the 6.37 firmware. But I didnt know that AR is only available on 6.2 and lower. So I am trying to find a way to downgrade my system to 6.2 any help appreciated.
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    can i downgrade from 6.20 pro-b4to 5.50 GEN-d3?

    is it safe to use Hellcat's Recovery flasher to downgrade, i decided to downgrade from 6.20 to 5.50 gend3 cause i think some of my plugins, and even the cxmb is unstable or not working. if not to use recovery flasher, how to? :sleep: :yeahthat:
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    PSP 2003 Slim 7D data code version 6.20 downgrade?

    Hi all, how do i downgrade my psp its the slim 2003 (it says psp 2003 on the bottom bar code at the end of the psp), and behind the battery it says date code 7D, i accidently upgraded it to version 6.20 how do i downgrade it, it was chipped before but i cant remember where i got it chipped...
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    Downgrade please help !!

    hey i didnt use my psp for a long time i think around 2 years and now i picked it up again ... i thought there might me a newer version of the custom firmware and i upgraded mine to 6.38 ME for psp 1000 i had 3 games in it soul calubure , dead or alive and final fantasy 9 ... now only final...
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