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    help with gpsp kai v3.2 ff1 & ff2 DoS cheats

    ok so i downgraded my psp firmware to 6.20 and flashed the Pro-B9 CFW, later i downloaded gpSP kai 3.2 and got it up and running the only problem is that i cant get any cheats to work on the damn thing....i've been through at least 20 TUts and nothing.... ive tried both gameshark_v3 nd PAR_v3...
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    Mr. Do's Castle Cheat Codes (for Colecovision)

    Easy alphamonsters Hit one or two of the key blocks with the hammer when the board is crossed. Then, eliminate almost all monsters, leaving two or three free. Hit the final key block on move to the top of the board, next to the door. Wait until the unicorns approach, collect the prize at...
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